Ticket site ready made for travellers

Release date: 19 September 2019

Travellers will be celebrating the launch of new Australian ticket buying and selling website

Spare Ticket Director Rhonda Locke said the site was a world-first event connection hub offering last minute buyers the chance to scoop up tickets to sold-out events, without paying over-the-top prices on the site.

“I’m expecting our customer base will take advantage of the large number of concerts and festivals on during summer, and especially the large numbers of backpackers travelling throughout the warmer months,” Rhonda said.

“People often have to purchase tickets up to eight months out from an event, and so if you haven’t planned your travel itinerary that far out, you end up missing out on tickets.

“Extra tickets are sometimes listed unlawfully at inflated prices on auction sites. Our site will be actively discouraging scalpers by limiting the number of tickets you can list to the one event.

“All tickets listed on will be offered at cost or below.”

Another great offer for travellers is a chance for social networking with the site offering connections with like-minded members. When listing tickets, members can choose to just offload, connect with friends or connect with potential partners.

“It looks like this hasn’t been done anywhere else in the world yet which is very exciting. It seems like the ideal way to meet someone like-minded as you’ll know the kind of music, sport or theatre they’re into.

“Above all we want to encourage more people go out and enjoy live events held across Australia and possibly benefit from the connections they can make with other like-minded people.” is offering a free introductory membership for people registering during December, January and February.

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