About Us

The ultimate event connection hub!

SpareTicket.com.au is a first-of-its-kind event connection hub providing opportunities for entertainment lovers to buy and sell tickets to events held throughout Australia.

We’re not like other direct ticket selling sites. We’ve injected a fun, unique way to buy and sell tickets that’s set to change the way people view and attend events. Tickets can be purchased by traditional methods (cash or credit) or non-traditional methods – challenges or even just a basic cup of coffee – helping meet the needs of the commercial seller and the connection-focused seller. Plus, it adds a bit of fun along the way.

In essence, we match event enthusiasts with the tickets they crave for all types of events like sporting, music, theatre, movies, festivals and more.

Our focus is on connecting people through events, whether you’re interested in simply selling your tickets fast, need someone to go to an event with, or you’re desperate to attend a sold-out event – SpareTicket.com.au is the must-visit destination.


Your ticket to adventure ….

SpareTicket.com.au is filling a gap in the market not filled by ticketing agencies and or event promoters..

We believe this kind of site hasn’t been done anywhere else in the world which means you could be part of something really special.

Our aim is to encourage more people go out and enjoy live events held in Australia and possibly benefit from the connections they can make with other like-minded people. Last minute buyers, and especially business and holiday travellers, will have the chance to pick up some bargains, as tickets will often be listed at a discounted rate. Only members will have the opportunity to buy and sell tickets through our site, but the public is able to view what’s on offer.

We’re huge fans of sport, music, theatre, dance and comedy and so we’ll be searching far and wide to find some great deals from members and partners. We expect the really great tickets to move quickly, so you’ll have to keep your eye out for bargains. We’ll be sending regular announcements of “hot tickets” on the site, so don’t forget – the early bird catches the worm!

We will ask you to rate the events you attend and tickets you bought and sold on the site. Our ratings are out of five with one as the lowest rating. From time to time there might be problems the selling transaction and we will ask you to feed this back. SpareTicket.com.au reserves the right to remove a person’s membership at any time (Terms and Conditions), but we hope everyone will play fair, and we won’t need to give anyone the bird.

Above all, we want you to enjoy our site, take advantage of the great offers, and most importantly, appreciate the amazing connections and entertainment on offer!

All the best and enjoy!
The SpareTicket Team